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Jill Helgemoe

Changing Point MN LLC
Member Since: 1969


Phone: +1 6122453457
Insurance Accepted: Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicaid, Medicare, United Health
Work Address: 2762 Burlington Ave N
Work City: St. Petersburg
Work Zip Code: 33713
County: Pinellas
Specialty: ANX - Anxiety, ANG - Anger Management, BRI - Bereavement, DEP - Depression, DID - Dissociative Disorders, FTH - Family Therapy, FVV - Family/Victim Violence, GLI - Gay & Lesbian Counseling, MCC - Marriage/Couples Counseling, PDS - Psychosomatic Disorders, PED - Personality Disorders, PRP - Private Practice, PSY - Psychotherapy, PST - Psychological Testing, PTS - Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, STM - Stress Management
Services Offered: Individual, couple and family therapy, psychological testing and ADHD evaluations.
Telehealth Support: Yes