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Dr. Reuben Faloughi

Member Since: 1969


Phone: +1 8134003703
Insurance Accepted: Aetna, Humana, United Health
Work Address: 11806 Bruce B. Downs BLVD. #1033
Work City: Tampa
Work Zip Code: 33612
Specialty: ANX - Anxiety, CRD - Career Development, CLP - Clinical Psychology, DEP - Depression, IDO - Industrial/Organizational, MNI - Men's Counseling, PRP - Private Practice, PSY - Psychotherapy, PTS - Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, REI - Racial/Ethnic Counseling, STM - Stress Management, SPS - Sports Psychology
Services Offered: Dr. Reuben, a well renown clinical and liberation psychologist, uses an integrative therapeutic style (i.e. "whatever is most helpful") to treat anxiety, depression, and trauma. His clients are high achievers and performers (leaders, executives, and athletes) and people from marginalized communities (womyn, Black people/POC, etc.).
Telehealth Support: Yes
Office Hours: By Appointment Only (M-F)