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Federal Advocacy
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The American Psychological Association's Government Relations Office sponsors two Federal Advocacy Coordinators for the State of Florida. Florida has two FAC's due to the large number of Federal Representatives (27) Florida has compared to most other states. This year, the Florida Federal Advocacy Coordinators are Dr. Steve Bloomfield, and Dr. Kristi Van Sickle.

The Federal Advocacy Coordinators work under the direction of APA's Government Relations Office, whose mission is to:

  • Inform Congress about psychology and its relevance to federal policy.
  • Advocate for increased support for federally-funded psychological research and behavioral and mental health services.
  • Strengthen the voice of psychology at the regulatory level.
  • Advance opportunities for the education and training of psychologists.
  • Combine the expertise of psychologists to address the many challenges facing our nation.


The Government Relations Offices (GRO) keep members informed of recent federal initiatives and supports their involvement in the public policymaking process. To accomplish this goal, GRO has developed the Public Policy Advocacy Network (PPAN), an e-mail grassroots network to help interested psychologists advocate for their discipline. GRO disseminates information and action alerts to PPAN members focusing on recent or upcoming federal legislative or regulatory action of concern to psychology.


From time to time, you may receive Action Alerts from your Federal Advocacy Coordinators asking you to contact your Federal Representative or Senator about tailored issues relevant to the practice of psychology.

Getting Involved


In Florida, we maintain a list of Federal Key Psychologists who represent their congressional district. These are people who are interested in contributing to promoting the practice of psychology in Florida and informing their representative about key issues of importance to psychology. Since the Keys are constituents, they often hold a remarkably important place in getting a message through to Congress, and ultimately in influencing the development of laws relevant to the practice of psychology, most notably reimbursement issues and access to care for vulnerable populations. If you are interested in being a Federal Key for your district, please contact Dr. Kristi Van Sickle.