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Diversity Page
Welcome to the Florida Psychological Association’s (FPA) Diversity and Cultural Competence Committee website. Our committee is comprised of a Chair, and members who represent the different Chapters of the FPA. Currently we have representation from all but 5 Chapters. We are an active committee, and work closely with the FPA Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. We are committed to bring and promote educational opportunities for Florida psychologists with a focus on increasing awareness of the unique issues that affect the diverse populations that we serve in Florida, as well as providing on-going opportunities to increase cultural competence in the practice of psychological science (clinical practice, research, consultation and education) throughout our state.

The state of Florida is a very diverse state in terms of the demographics of its people. Psychologists in Florida may or may not represent the diversity of the people we serve. It is important to be aware of the unique strengths as well as the unique challenges that our diverse clients face, so that we can ensure competent application of psychological science whether we are doing clinical work, engaging in research, teaching, advocating, or consulting. For that reason, our Committee is devoted to provide learning opportunities for psychologists to be actively working on our cultural competence as well as to remain informed about evidence-based applications of our science when working with diverse populations.

Christiane Blanco-Oilar, Ph.D




Our committee meets quarterly via video and we encourage cross-Chapter collaboration. We are supporting FPA’s Executive Director and CE Chair with the application for APA Sponsorship for our CEs, and we also are currently working on developing a Diversity and Cultural Competence Series via Webniar that will be available across state. We are actively looking for more members to join our committee and would love to welcome more interested members and graduate students. If you are interested in being a part of a group that is energetic and motivated, and committed to the advancement of diversity issues and cultural competence in our State, please reach out to Christiane Blanco-Oilar, Ph.D. at:

On this page, we will be posting our Meeting Minutes, links to helpful resources, announcements of our Diversity and Cultural Competence Series CEs, and our Diversity Mission Statement.

FPA Diversity Mission Statement

The Florida Psychological Association (FPA) welcomes members of all faiths and religious backgrounds, people of all races, ethnicities, national origins, immigration statuses, gender identities, socioeconomic statuses, physical or mental statuses, sexual or affectional orientations, or political beliefs. To this end, FPA commits to multiculturalism and to ensure on-going cultural competence and effectiveness as educators, researchers, consultants, administrators, policymakers and practitioners.  Additionally, the FPA is committed to upholding the American Psychological Association Ethical Guidelines which make clear the importance of advocating for the culturally competent practice of psychology. We strive to:

  • Create a positive environment that allows psychologists to learn and explore issues of stereotyping, prejudice and mistreatment of minority groups in order to increase cultural competence for all members of FPA; for this purpose, we pay attention to ensure that psychologists have access to and participate in specific diversity and cultural competence continuing education and experiential workshops at local, regional and state events.
  • Uphold APA Guidelines that make it clear that we as psychologists must advocate for and protect the civil rights of others, which informs our commitment to engage in advocacy and psychoeducational commentary on social issues such as mental health care access for underserved populations, violence, women's and minority issues;
  • Address recruitment and retention of psychologists from diverse backgrounds as members of FPA in an on-going basis through the collaboration between our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Diversity and Cultural Competence Committee, continuing education processes, and our Chapters.

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